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I’m here to post about an event that in the rest of the world could sound just normal, but that here in Italy I rarely saw. Before telling you what I’m talking about looks at these photos, and tell me what comes to your mind. For me this looks like a group of friends, that are meeting in a awesome place in Tuscany, to spend a weekend enjoying the sun and the company of each other. And for you?

Ok, back to reality. This was TechTalk Italia 2008, a meeting organized by with the aim to make natural the exchange of ideas, of experiences, of serious and no-serious staff. All about Web 2.0. All this in the most comfortable way, in the country side of amazing Italy. A better idea of what a TechTalk is, can be given from this excerpt:

Techtalk is an event originally organized by Martin Varsavsky for the best european/world web2.0 entrepreneurs. The whole weekend spent together, during a few sessions everyone participating will give a short presentation of her/his activity/experience. Our families will be with us and we will also take the time to have fun all together.

The best part for me, although to see the the web in Italy is that alive, was the fact that almost all the people working on Mikamai was there! I had the luck to work with them for one month this year and they are a new, really cool! company, born with the aim to make everything unconventional, and despite the motto, they are really doing this!

The other aspect that made me happy is to know that lot of people participating at TechTalk use Ruby, the language that I love and that I use everywhere I can, also when I should use something else! This reinforce the idea that Ruby is a catalyst for great minds and people that do and don’t only speak 😉

Stay tuned to Mikamai…



  1. thanks for the kind words, Reggie 🙂

    we will soon be sponsoring Ruby Social Club events all over the place!

  2. Thanks to everybody believing in Mikamai…love ya

  3. I’m waiting too see what you guys are going to do 😉

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